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      Lender representation / Real estate settlement services
      Residential Real Estate Closings
      Residential Property Lawyer & Real Estate Attorney
      When purchasing or selling a house, both buyers and sellers depend on a succesful transaction. For many people, buying residential property is the largest purchase they will make in their lifetime. They want things to go smoothly so they can move in without a glitch. Sellers want the sale to go through so they can purchase a new home, start a small business, get out of debt, or fulfill another financial obligation. We handle all matters of residential property cases, from the beginning of the matter to closing and post-closing matters. Our clients benefit from Joe Faria's 18 years of experience and commitment to excellence in every aspect of the case, whether that is:

    • Negotiating purchase and sale contracts
    • Drafting contracts
    • Reviewing residential propoerty title
    • Assisting with financing options, including obtaining mortgages
    • Assisting with any issues involving the engineer inspection of the residential property
    • Representing a client during the closing
    • Handling any post-closing matters that arise
    • Commercial Real Estate Closings
      Commercial Property Lawyer and Real Estate Attorney
      Commercial property aggreements can be complex transactions. They often are surrounded by detailed clauses that if not followed correctly, can lead to disputes. If you are involved in the purchase or sale of commercial property, enlisting the services of a lawyer can help ensure a smooth transaction and reduce the chance for future legal conflict. We represent individual buyer and sellers of commercial property, small business owners and multimillion dollar Long Island corporations in commercial transactions. We protect your interests through comprehensive legal services:

    • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial property contracts
    • Assisting with financing options for purchase of commercial real estate
    • Reviewing building history for any title issues
    • Assisting with closing on a commercial property
    • In addition to handling purchase and sale transactions for commercial property, we also assist with commercial leases. From subleases to management agreements to personal guarantee clauses, we help clients achieve their long-term business goals.

      Commercial Lease Negotiations

      Lease Negotiations Attorney
      Commercial leases are highly complex. The documents are lengthy and difficult to understand. They may be filled with provisions that an untrained eye would miss even if he or she read it carefully more than once. Yet, these documents are the basis for commercial landlord and tenant relationships, and serve as the building block for many start-up businesses. Without an advocate who can explain the commercial lease and protect your interests, you may find yourself in a legal bind.
      At Joseph Faria P.C., we represent both landlords and tenants in the negotiations of commercial leases. We pay the strictest attention to detail, making sure our clients fully understand their obligations and responsibilities under the lease. If there is a provision that strongly favors one side, or explicitly violates our clients' rights, we will work hard to negotiate a more favorable agreement.

      In addition to negotiating commercial leases, we represent business owners and others who want to get out of a lease due to various circumstances. We will thoroughly review thier situation and advise them on their legal options.

      Stock and Asset Transactions (stockholder/shareholder agreements, purchasing stock of another of corporation or purchasing assets of the company or business)
      Our Business Transactions practice group attorneys have extensive experience in corporate and business law, commercial and residential real estate, municipal law and finance, environmental compliance, elder law and tax and estate planning and administration. We have served as general counsel to a substantial number of corporation, partnerships, associations, governmental bodies and individual entrepreneurs on both a regional and national level. This work involves several catergories of business law, including negotiation and drafting of contracts, financial structuring of commercial transactions, real estate acquisition and development, corporate finance and structure, business tax advice and planning, as well as personal and estate tax planning and administration.

      Corporate Formation, Filings, and Business Plannings
      The office of Joseph A. Faria P.C.,has been involved in the planning and formation of business corporations and non-profit corporations, preparation of supporting corporate documentation and continuing corporate advice and representation. We are experienced in handling all aspects of corporate/shareholder relations. Our attorneys represent closely-held business corporations, and stand ready to assist clients from initial incorporation through final dissolution of the business enterprise.
      In addition, our attorneys have handled numerous cases involving the purchase and operation of going businesses, and the financing of such transactions, including: acquisition and asset-based financing of commercial ventures and retail operations; employment matters; drafting of acquisition agreements and general contracts; collection of disputed accounts; and other legal matters involved in the day-to-day operation of a going concern.
      Our attorneys also handle personal and commercial loan transactions of all sizes, and are well-versed in the negotiation and drafting of loan documentation. We have represented both borrowers and lenders with respect to real estate mortgage-based financing, matters involving the Uniform Commercial Code and various rights and interests in commercial property, equipment, inventory and otehr goods, construction loans and other business loan transactions.

      Wills, Trusts, and Estates

      Joseph Faria handles all aspects of wills, trusts and estates. From first planning your estate to probating a will, we work hard to protect your interests.

      Your estate planning or administration will be handled directly by Joseph A. Faria. You do not need to worry about something being missed or handled incorrectly by a paralegal or junior associate. We know how important these matters are to you.

      An approach tailored to your Situation
      Each of our clients' situations are reviewed thoroughly. Your lawyer will take the necessary time to fully understand your situation and specific goals during the estate planning or administration process. Sometimes a simple will is all you need. For others, a trust may better serve their wishes. In the administration process, people require competent counsel to guide them through the process, while you may need an advocate that will stand up for you in the estate litigation. We tailor our approach to meet your needs and goals.

      For us, keeping you informed so you can make wise decisions is just as important as providing you with solid legal advice. We make you aware of all available estate planning tools and the benefits and shortcomings of each one. We give honest assessments in probate and estate litigation cases so you know exactly what to expect.

      Commercial Litigation

    Business law is complex, and commercial litigation can be daunting. The law office of Joseph A. Faria, P.C. can provide you with sound legal counsel and assertive representation if you are looking to file a claim. We understand how much of a hurdle the legal process can be for individuals who lack an intimate familiarity of the law. At Joseph A Faria P.C., an attorney who handles business litigation can help if you have a case involving one or more of the following:

  • Disputes involving breach of contract, misinterpretation of contract clauses, and contract negotiation
  • Contract interference and intereference inolving business relationships
  • Disputes involving the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Cases involving breach of fiduciary duty
  • Disputes involving non-complete agreements
  • Business dissolutions and business creations
  • Disputes involving corporate management and control
  • Disputes involving employer-employee relationships
  • Cases involving consumer fraud and consumer protection
  • Debt collection actions
  • And othercases involving business law and commercial litigation
  • To ensure that your business interest and legal rights are protected, you should seek guidance from an expereinced business litigation attorney. We will work diligently to promote your interest and ensure a successful resolution of your case.